MEETING Thursday 21st March 2019  

Skulduggery in the Shrubbery – Stefan White. 

We were introduced to John Tradescant the Elder who was an English naturalist, gardener, collector and traveller.  He began his career as Head Gardener to Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury at Hadfield House. Throughout his life he collected seeds and bulbs and also assembled a collection of curiosities which he housed in his home in Lambeth, London which he called The Ark.

His son, John Tradescant Junior, continued to collect plants, travelling to many countries including America. Many of the plants we have in our gardens today were collected by this Father and Son. (The “skulduggery” related to the successful attempt to illegally obtain the contents of the Ark from John Tradescant’s widow, to be housed in the Ashmolean museum in Oxford)