Spring & Autumn Shows

The society holds two shows a year. The first is the Spring Show, a very informal event that fills the April monthly meeting and is limited to members only. The emphasis is on taking part rather than fierce competition.

The main event of the year is the Autumn Show, held on the 3rd Saturday in September at the Alton Assembly Rooms. This show is open for all to enter and there is a wide range of categories from plants and flower arranging to cookery and artwork. There are several categories for children and even a couple just for men. Most importantly there are no entry fees! Full details are in our 2018 programme.

Scarecrow Competition.
Our popular scarecrow competition open to children 11 years or under (parents are allowed to make the frame) is held on last Saturday in June at the Alton Assembly Rooms. There are two categories, individual entries or group entries, with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both. The scarecrows are displayed outside the Assembly Rooms for the public to admire and to vote for their favourite scarecrow.

Spring Show Schedule 2018


  • 3 stems of long trumpet daffodils all the same variety *
  • 3 stems small cupped daffodils, same or mixed variety
  • 3 multi stemmed cultivars any variety
  • 3 stems any other class not included in the above
  • 3 stems of Tulips, any one variety
  • 3 stems of primula or primrose, any one variety
  • 5 Spring flowers each of a different variety (not daffodils or shrub)
  • A pot of Spring flowering bulbs
  • 6 winter flowering Pansies or Violas
  • Flowering Pot Plant – pot not to exceed 8″ (200 mm) internal diameter
  • Flowering Daffodil Bulb (bulbs were given to members at the October Meeting)
  • A Spring Flower Arrangement in a Basket provided by the Club at the February Meeting
  • 6 Decorated Biscuits
  • A traditional Victoria Sponge -max 8″ (200 mm) diameter

* a long trumpet daffodil has a trumpet longer than the outer petals.

Summer Show Schedule 2017

Entries are welcome from everyone

Entry form here and at bottom of page
Some classes are especially for children but we would like them to feel free to challenge the adults in any class

Where possible exhibitors are requested to name varieties to assist the judge and to inform the public

Show Judging Guide

Notes to assist participants to show-off their entries to best effect

Summer Show Schedules

Section 1 – Flowers

  • 1. Roses – 1 stem of a large flowered rose
  • 2. Roses – 1 stem of a floribunda or cluster rose
  • 3. Roses – a bowl of roses
  • 4. Roses – 3 blooms of any variety of hybrid tea rose
  • 5. Sweet Peas Lathyrus odoratus – 1 vase, 6 stems, 1 or more cultivars
  • 6. Pinks – 5 stems, not disbudded, 1 or more cultivars
  • 7. Mixed Hardy Herbaceous Perennials – 1 vase, 5 stems
  • 8. Cut Garden Flowers – 5 blooms, any cultivars
  • 9. A “One Colour” Display of Flowers – at least 6 stems
  • 10. Pansies/Violas – display of 6 blooms
  • 11. Clematis – 1 vase, 3 flowers, any cultivar or cultivars
  • 12. Flowering Plant – any cultivar, pot max diam 20cms. (8ins)
  • 13. Fern or Foliage Plant – pot max diam 20cms (8ins)
  • 14. Cactus or Succulent – pot max diam 20cms (8ins)
  • 15. Flowering Shrub – 1 vase, 1 stem (excluding roses)
  • 16. Miniature Garden in A Seed Tray – 36cmsx23cms(14insx9ins)
  • 17. An Orchid – in a pot, any size

For Children

  • 18. Pot Marigold Calendula – 1 vase, 6 stems.
  • 19. A Plant in A Container Which You Have Grown & Cared For – pot max diam 20cms (8ins)

Section 2 – Fruit

  • 20. Plate of Strawberries – 6 fruits
  • 21. Any Other Fruit – 6 fruits (currants 6 strings)

Section 3 – Vegetables

  • 22. Display of Any June Produce – from your Garden or Allotment. (on a trug/tray/basket/box)
  • 23. Display of Any Salad Items – from your Garden or Allotment (lettuce, chives, radishes, cucumber etc.). Displayed as previous class
  • 24. Potatoes -5 tubers
  • 25. Any Other Vegetable – Plate of 3
  • 26. Rhubarb – 3 stems
  • 27. Peas – 6 pods, should be shown with stalk intact
  • 28. Mangetout Peas – 6 pods shown with stalk intact
  • 29. Sugar Snap Peas – 6 pods shown with stalk intact
  • 30. Herbs – a collection of culinary herbs, 3 cultivars or varieties

For Children

  • 31. 3 of Any Vegetables You Have Grown

Section 4 – Floral Art

Exhibits may be brought to the Show already arranged if they have been arranged by the exhibitor

  • 32. A Riot of Colour – Bright and Bold no size limitation
  • 33. A Table Arrangement – Round with a candle no size limitation
  • 34. Feeling Good – Foliage based. Max width & depth 60cms
  • 35. A Touch of Nature – Using items found in woodland walks no size limitation
  • 36. Men Only – From the Garden – No flowers, Max width & depth 60cms

For Children

  • 37. Lets Give it a Go – Small arrangement a posy or decorated hat

Section 5 – Home-craft

Exhibits of food must be covered with clear film or a large plastic bag. No screw lids on jars

  • 38. A Jar of Jam/Jelly
  • 39. A Jar of Pickle/Chutney
  • 40. A Pot of Fruit Curd or Marmalade
  • 41. Chocolate Sponge – max 20cms (8ins) square or round
  • 42. 6 Pieces of A One Tray Bake or Biscuit
  • 43. A Tea Loaf
  • 44. Men only – Sausage Rolls – 6 using home-made shortcrust pastry

For Children

  • 45. Flap-Jacks Rice-Crispy Cakes or Rocky-Road Biscuits – 4 pieces covered with Clingfilm

Section 6 – Craft

  • 46. An Article of Needlework
  • 47. A Knitted or Crocheted Article
  • 48. An Item of Embroidery or Tapestry
  • 49. A Home-Made Greetings Card
  • 50. A Piece of Jewellery – made from recycled materials
  • 51. A Drawing or Painting – any medium

For Children

  • 52. Knit Something You Can Wear i.e. hat, scarf, gloves, mittens
  • 53. Draw A Picture of a Garden

Section 7 – Photography

An Exhibitor’s Own Photograph
Mounted, not framed max 25X20cms (10x8ins)

Reasonable care will be taken of the exhibits but the Society cannot be responsible for any loss or accident to any entry.


  • 54. Reflection
  • 55. Wildlife in the Hedgerow
  • 56. Spring Time
  • 57. A Close-Up of a Seed-head

For Children

  • 58. My Favourite Animal or Pet.

Summer Show - Rules for Exhibitors

Entries are restricted to one entry per person per class

The show will be conducted in accordance with the RHS Horticultural Handbook 2009, except where obviously not applicable.

Exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor, under their cultivation for at least 8 weeks prior to the Show or 12 weeks for pot plants (not applicable to Floral Art, exhibits 32-37).

The cut ends of any fresh plant material must be in water or water retaining material.

Exhibitors must supply their own vases, paper plates, food covering etc.

After judging has taken place no exhibit may be altered or removed before prize giving.

• Staging from 8.30am —10 30am
• Show open to the public 12 noon or when judging is completed
• Prize giving and raffle draw from 2.30pm
• Exhibits can be moved from 4:00pm
• All exhibits to be cleared by 4.30pm

Refreshments available

Summer Show Entry Form

Open and download the 2017 Summer Show Entry Form